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Everyone deserves to afford a place to call home

We're on a mission to tackle the housing shortage by making it in the best interest of developers (and their investors) to advance community interests, not work against them

We're dedicated to working with private and public sectors as well as everyday community members to help craft better, healthier neighborhoods.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Perci PBC is mandated to advance both the interest of our shareholders and the communities we serve. We're firm believers that the best path towards sustainable, long-term growth is by uplifting everyone, not just the already privileged.

"The purpose of the Corporation is... to promote equitable and inclusive economic development through innovative technology" - Article III of Perci PBC's Certificate of Incorporation

Market forces are powerful and play a critical role in promoting efficient responses to changes in demand. However, for too long, the housing market has been opaque and inefficient, producing too few homes to keep up with the pace of our growing communities and fueling the ongoing housing crisis.

We're here to make the forces at play more transparent and, in the process, set in motion of a powerful flywheel of community-led development.

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