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Community planning, reimagined

Deliver better outcomes by modernizing how you inform and engage with the public
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Making government more transparent and efficient

Planning and development process today are time consuming and opaque, often leading to outcomes that leave out the voices of many in the community.
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Democratize information access

Empower concerned citizens, community advocates, and other key stakeholders to understand how and why change is happening without needing to wade through siloed data across websites, public meetings, and documents.

Our flexible platform brings in data from your existing systems and tools, so everyone can get a complete picture.

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Increase public participation

Complement existing feedback channels with an online space for community members to engage with changes to their neighborhood on their schedule.

Our mobile-friendly platform makes it possible for discussions to happen anytime, anywhere, so new voices can be elevated and represented.

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Measure and track outcomes

We'll help you quantify and measure the metrics you care most about, so you can proactively identify blind spots and make the best data-informed decisions.

Our transparent platform makes it easy to understand community engagement as well as dig into which populations are underrepresented.

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