We're on a mission to make housing affordable, starting in Boston. Read about our launch →
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Aligning incentives, so everyone wins

We unlock opportunities for growth by ensuring that everyone shares in the upside when new homes are built
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Perci identifies opportunities for housing development which are infeasible without community collaboration. We're on a mission to inspire new possibilities unlocked through local investment, which too often can feel zero sum in today's increasingly unaffordable market.

We partner with communities to strategize on how to best advance local goals and address unmet needs. Perci drives equitable and inclusive development to deliver critically-needed new homes with a goal of ultimately making housing affordable for everyone.

How do Perci projects work?

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Step 1: Locate sites

New possibilities are unlocked through an upside-sharing agreement that benefits both existing landowners and residents, which shares value creation when a community-oriented project moves forward

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Step 2: Build vision

Each project begins with direct neighbor engagement, focusing in on traditionally underrepresented voices to understand needs that are too often ignored in traditional development. We then translate requirements, such as specific community amenities and the number of affordable housing units, into a project outline.

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Step 3: Execute project

Once the community and local authorities are bought-in, we find the right developers for the project so the community gets needs met and new housing gets built.

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