Whatever a developer can build, that's what your land is worth. You see new development happening, but sharing in that appreciation is hard because building new homes to keep up with growing demand is really hard.

What gets built is dictated by complex regulations that severely constrain what is permittable. Seeking exceptions to those rules requires navigating local politics and expensive upfront legal and other professional costs, discouraging development activity.

When there's project approval risk, landowners get discounted prices. The greater the uncertainty—which comes from the hurdles to gain local buy-in—the less your land is worth because developers don't know if and when they can break ground and whether or not it'll even be profitable.

Perci is the first platform to preemptively align incentives so everyone can benefit from the upside of new development. By reducing development risk and unlocking development, we're provide you the best price for your land that's unconstrained by traditional factors.